Cliona Harmey—Troposphere

Preview: 6–8pm, Thursday 17th April 2014

Referring to the lowest atmospheric layer and literally meaning “sphere of change”, the troposphere is the site of weather, turbulence and atmospheric transformation. Inspired by this mutability Troposphere is an exhibition of systems-based sculptural works that are concerned with spatial, broadcast and environmental phenomena (flight data, light, atmospheric pressure). The works exist at the intersection of sculpture, object hacking, diy/enthusiast electronics and live transmission. They look at inscription processes which combine natural and man-made systems. The main projection in the exhibition uses live-transmission information received from passing planes—combined with images of the sky—as a form of live electronic writing, updated each time another plane enters the range of the receiver. Other works take the form of simple material hacks where systems and objects are combined and reconfigured.

Cliona Harmey has been active as an artist since the mid ‘90s after completing a BA Sculpture at NCAD. In 1999—2000 she undertook a one-year residency at the now defunct Arthouse Multimedia Centre in Dublin, which was one of the first worldwide dedicated digital media spaces for artists. This started her on a process of working primarily with digital media, creating a series of video installations and a web projects. The work produced during that residency formed a major solo show at Arthouse entitled Sequent.

During 2009 she participated in Emobilart, the European Mobile Lab for Interactive artists, with collaborative works shown in Vienna and Thessaloniki. In 2010 she created a solo project for Unbuilding at Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, which looked at the legacy of the laying of the transatlantic cable, with works which were hybrids between remixed objects/sculptures and live data. Other exhibitions include: The Last Blue Sky, Mothers Tankstation, Dublin; Quantified Self, The Lab, Dublin; Last, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin; and Into the Light, The Model, Sligo.

Cliona is based in Dublin and is currently a Lecturer in Fine Art Media at the National College of Art & Design. Upcoming work includes a major commission for the ‘Interaction and the City’ strand of Dublin City Council’s public art programme. She is a current studio member at Pallas Projects Studios. Troposphere, commissioned by PP/S is one of an ongoing series of solo exhibition-projects by emerging and mid-career artists.

Events (see facebook updates for more info)

Saturday 3rd May In conversation & Closing Event

In conversation – discussion with Francis Halsall (Lecturer, NCAD, MA Art in the Contemporary World) (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME: 4pm)

Francis Halsall is Lecturer in the History/Theory of Modern & Contemporary Art at National College of Art and Design, Dublin where is co-director of MA Art in the Contemporary World (www.acw.ie). He writes regularly on aesthetics, art history and contemporary art (reviews and catalogue essays). Recent work and ideas can be found at www.alittletagend.blogspot.com

Cliona Harmey is interested in the histories, artifacts and hybrid forms of technologies. Her current work often combines sculpture and live data feeds. It sometimes intersects with communication systems. She is based in Dublin and is currently a Lecturer at the National College of Art & Design and has exhibited in curated shows in Ireland and internationally. Information on previous work can be found at www.clionaharmey.info


Closing Event – improvised music from David Donohoe (synthesizer), and David Lacey (drums), 6pm

DAVID LACEY is a musician from Dublin. He uses drum set, percussion, crude electronics, found objects and cassettes. He plays regularly with Rob Casey, Fergus Kelly, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, Cian Nugent, Colm O'Hara and Paul Vogel. He is currently part of the collaborative project Unforeseen with Anthony Kelly, Fergus Kelly, David Stalling and Paul Vogel. He has had music released on the labels Another Timbre, Cathnor, Confront, Copy For Your Records, Fort Evil Fruit, Homefront and Room Temperature.

DAVID DONOHOE’s solo music practice is focused on improvisation based on modal structures. He is interested in music as a response to the immediate moment. Currently performing live using combinations of synthesizers, samplers and processors, he restricts himself to a limited number of scales and modes, aiming for a visceral tonality drawing on traditional folk music, early music and free jazz. He coordinates Rainfear, a loose arrangement of improvising musicians. Currently comprising himself, Fergus Cullen and Peter Maybury it can operate as any iteration of the three from individual solo to trio and is also open to the addition of any number of other musicians. He has released albums and EPs on 9pt, D1 Recordings, Fällt, Force-inc, Mille Plateaux and Minimise.



20/5/2014: FILM SOCIALISME (Jean Luc Godard) – Experimental Film Club with IFI, selected by Cliona Harmey. 6.30pm

Godard takes an experimental approach to narrative, montage, screen text, editing and digital formats in this epic three part film. Starting on board the ill-fated cruise ship  Concordia, and moving across multiple locations, Film Socialisme explores themes such as globalisation, history, war, culture, and circulation of capital (gold). The film has a strong engagement with cinema's photographic legacy, the physical camera pparatus, and the play between still and moving image. http://experimentalfilmclub.blogspot.ie/

Troposphere is supported by Dublin City Council and through generous public support via Fund-It.

Gallery hours: 12–6pm, Thursday–Saturday until 3rd May (not open Good Friday)